68 | Google has arrived! – Learn How to Travel with Your Pet to Europe – Sailing Around the World

Look who arrived… Our Googlelino !!!

Did you miss him?! We almost died !! But finally he is back, and now we are complete !!!

In this video we tell you how it was the process to bring a GOLDEN RETRIEVER to Europe (transport box, vaccines, papers and etc) it is not easy to bring a large dog .. in fact the process is the same for everyone, but as for size, the business is getting more complicated !!

We also talked about the canine passport, for those of us who travel a lot, it will help a lot to get in and out… and avoid quarantine for some countries!

Anyway, thank God everything worked out and he is happy in his new home !! The airline responsible for the transport was Lufthansa and we highly recommend it, they were super attentive from the beginning to the end of our golden arrival !!

Any doubts that remain regarding the subject, we will do a LIVE on Thursday at 7 pm (Brasilia Time)

Licks and good winds

Espero que gostem .. qualquer duvida deixe seu comentário que tentamos esclarecer melhor ..

Acompanhe a gente em mais esta nova etapa.

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Abraços e Bons Ventos!


Beto Toledo / Thais Canado / Google Golden

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